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When you attend a C3 showcase, you can expect to attend a one of a kind experience unlike anything else out there. Our action-packed events are backed by an experienced staff of former major league scouts, major and minor league field managers and instructors, and college level coaches. We know what colleges are looking for and what they need to see from you at a showcase because we have done it ourselves.

At a C3 showcase, you will be seen by college coaches from all over the country who attend and trust our showcases and our staff. You will get expert, insider tips through seminars and workshops given by some of the biggest names in baseball/softball. You will also have access to state of the art data testing and on-site professional scouts will evaluate you. You will receive a full evaluation and certified scouting report. Your testing data and scout card will be automatically uploaded in a private national database and seen by college coaches long after the showcase ends.

Showcase your skills in front of college coaches and scouts AND receive the data, tools, and knowledge to help you get to the next level! Attending a C3 Showcase is THE BEST way to get recruited.

when you attend a c3 showcase, you will…

  • Receive priceless exposure and increase your chances of being recruited.
  • Get the opportunity to meet face to face with head coaches from your favorite colleges.
  • Get to showcase your position specific defensive skills in front of college coaches and scouts.
  • Receive personal player development strategies and expert advice from some of the biggest names in baseball/softball.
  • Receive full evaluation/scouting report and IMAPLAYER rating from one of the MLB scouts present.
  • Get your personal profile, testing results, and a scouting report entered in the private NCAA Baseball/Softball Player Database. (NO OTHER SHOWCASE OR CAMP CAN OFFER YOU THIS!!)

see you at the showcase!

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